Genesis is the first episode of the first season of Heroes and the first episode of the series overall.


Various people around the world discover evidence of real superpowers. Claire Bennet can instantly heal physical injuries to her own body. Isaac Mendez can precognitively paint future events. Hiro Nakamura is able to manipulate time, travel through it, and even teleport. Peter Petrelli has dreams of himself flying in Manhattan. Niki Sanders witnesses a more violent and aggressive personality of herself in mirrors. Mohinder Suresh tries to continue his recently deceased father's work by finding these people.[1]


In October 2006, people around the world discover that they have superpowers. High school student Claire Bennet finds herself spontaneously regenerating. Heroin addict Isaac Mendez can precognitively paint future events, including a nuclear explosion in New York City. Japanese office worker Hiro Nakamura is able to teleport and time travel. NursePeter Petrelli experiences visions that convince him he can fly. Indian scientist Mohinder Suresh travels to New York to continue his recently deceased father's work by finding these people. A mobster named Daniel Linderman sends two men to Niki Sanders's home to collect a loan that she has not repaid. Niki blacks out and later finds the men dead.[2]



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