Rapid Cellular Regeneration is the ability to heal of any injury within seconds. Due being one of the most powerful abilities due granting almost invencibility it can be removed or blocked. The most notable users are Claire Bennet and Adam Monroe.

Known Users

Original Wielders

Absorved by

  • Peter Petrelli - Mimicked and later replicated from Claire Bennet; lost to Arthur Petrelli
  • Sylar - Replicated from Claire Bennet
  • Arthur Petrelli - Absorbed by Adam Monroe; deceased
  • Tommy Clark - Absorbed by Claire Bennet; lost due ability limitations


This ability allows the wielder to heal from almost any injury. This ability has limitations, like a weak spot that whenever blocked the EVO won't be able to heal until it's removed. Claire Bennet is the most notable user of this ability.

Related Abilities

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